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Wealth management system

Wealth Management
Global wealth management is broadly defined as the provision of a specialized set of financial services (banking, brokerage, financial planning, estate management, taxation, etc) integrated together. As illustrated in the exhibit below, wealth management involves a number of different financial services that vary in transaction value and represent different degrees of relationship between the provider and the client.

Currently, Wealth Management Services in the global financial services industry is mainly product-based with different parties providing financial products via independent channels. However, the Internet is transforming the global wealth management market by integrating individual financial services that can be distributed online through a central hub (which could be a portal or an aggregator).

A-1's Wealth Management services & solution fillís a unique market space, providing comprehensive tools that unite the consumer and advisor online to build wealth, sell products, and forge loyal financial relationships. With our Wealth Management solution, consumers and advisors can collaborate and share information through multiple systems of interaction. Our clientís customers can consolidate customer data in their current systems of record, while aggregating data from other financial systems. This capability allows the provider to gain a much wider financial picture of its customers. In so doing, they can better tailor its products and services to more appropriately meet its customersí financial needs.

A-1 Financialís product architecture supportís the following:

  Multi Channel Approach
  Integration of traditional sales and services channels
  Complex back office integration scenarios
  Complex multi functional applications
  Frequent modification of applications
  Support million of users


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