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Offshore Outsourcing

A-1 Financial offers a competency center model to our clients in which a software development team that is dedicated to a single client uses technology, tools, processes and methodologies unique to that client. Each dedicated Competency Center is located at an A-1 Financial facility in India (either owned or private labeled) and is staffed and managed by the Company. Once the project priorities are established by the client, A-1 Financial in conjunction with the client's IT department, manages the execution of the project. By focusing on a single client over an extended time frame, the Competency Center team gains a deeper understanding of the client's business and technology and can begin to function as a virtual extension of the client's software team.

Practically anything can and is selected for outsourcing by companies today. Many organizations are getting back to basics after the boom and bust cycles experienced through the heady 80s and into the leaner 90s. The company of the future will be a hybrid of core business activity supplemented by external support i.e. outsourcing for non-core activity.

Here are some additional tips for successfully outsourcing project management:

Make sure that the scope of services to be provided by outsourcing is well defined. Carefully draft the roles and responsibilities of the outsourcing partner and agree to realistic terms and expectations. Schedule ongoing performance reviews to ensure that those needs and expectations are being met.
Communicate openly and frequently with your outsourcing partner. Make sure that you have contacts that are always available to address any problems or questions. Establish a structure where everyone in the organization has direct access to important information.
Dont let valuable knowledge slip away with the outsourcing partner. Structure processes so that valuable lessons learned and procedures are documented and maintained in a central location that is easily accessible by all parties. Have the outsourcing partner train and educate staff in the project management model.

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Offshore Outsourcing

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