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Services Overview
Financial Services Companies constantly encounter rapidly evolving business and technology dynamics on an ongoing basis. Companies are confronted with issues such as the automation of business processes, global expansion, changes to governmental rules and regulations, market place dynamics (i.e. online trading) and technological advances. Whether it is an existing business environment that needs to embrace STP (Straight Through Processing), "e-initiatives", or a new business, A-1 Financial will develop a strategic plan that is scalable and able to be implemented efficiently and effectively. By consulting with our staff, our customers can select and design an electronic commerce strategy. In addition to consulting with our customers on the range of products and services available to them, we help our customers with product and Internet site design. For customers that lack in-house network security professionals, we help develop the appropriate network and security protection features to ensure a secure system.

Consulting Services
 Our e-strategy services develop strategies with businesses seeking to transform existing systems to e-business models as well as with new e-businesses seeking to articulate their vision and formulate their e-business strategies. A-1 Financial provides IT strategy and architecture consulting services to commercial banks, asset management firms, insurance firms, brokerage firms, investment banks and hedge funds. Our principal’s extensive experience and unique skill sets in the business and technology aspects faced by Financial Services Companies will enable us to provide highly independent and valuable advice to our clients. Components of an e-strategy service address web design, web content, data design, business transformation, shared services and interactive experience. In formulating an e-business strategy, we will assist our clients in evaluating e-business models and their associated revenue sources.

Our business strategy group is also available to build “proof of concept” products prior to determine – prior to a full scale implementation – if the feature an institution plans to implements will best serve the need of the institution and its customers.

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