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Why Prefer Software Outsourcing?
Because remote services are responsible for client-side maintenance, this eliminates the need for application developers to worry about client configuration issues and OS support. They do not need to write code specifically to work under remote services in the same way they need to write code specifically for a browser. You can build a single application and deploy it locally or execute it remotely at any time.

How will my business requirements be met through the ecommerce website?
At A-1 technology we understand that every business has unique requirements. You can put down your specifications and preferences and we will incorporate these into the site appropriately. Our team will start work after a thorough understanding of the nature of your business so that we can include the exclusive features of your business and firm to the site.

How is quality insured in Offshore Development?
We provide secure connectivity to companies anywhere in the world and is staffed by skilled teams engaged in legacy systems maintenance, custom application development, enterprise application management .One of the the largest independent testing organization in the world, is fully integrated with our development teams and methodology.

What are the exclusive features that I can provide to my customers using your software?
A-1 Technology provides sophisticated software that helps integrate with efficient, reliable market data, including: U.S. and international futures and options, equities, cash data for foreign exchange, U.S. and international debt securities, Fixed Income, single stock futures, energy, metals, and government/industry reports and indices.

Do you provide fully integrated Web solutions?
A-1 Technology has a long track record of developing fully integrated web-based applications, such as supply chain management systems designed specifically for small businesses. We offer expertise in client/server application development using modern, recognized development techniques, and can provide advanced Windows front ends, or simplified web-based interfaces to existing data.

Why do I need Professional Banner development services?
A banner ad needs to be attractive, and contain information that will spark the interest of your audience. Therefore the design of your banner should be done by a professional and experienced banner designer or design company to create an ad that has the effectiveness and value that others will be willing to click on it! A-1 Technology creates banners that help you get your message across.

How does your CRM solution cater to my company needs?
Front Office solutions require the integration of complex software, switching systems, voice response units, computer telephony interfaces, and various legacy systems. The differences in needs and situations from company to company mandate a Front Office solution that can be customized. A-1 Technology keeps in mind the requirements of your company and develops a solution that best match it.

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