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Portfolio Trading Software

Financial Wireless Systems
A-1 Financial's wireless financial applications would provide customers with the convenient ability to perform important trading, banking and other financial transactions securely. A-1's wireless financial solutions would be comprised of a comprehensive set of application products that can either stand alone or work together as a fully integrated and branded offering. Since applications can be used in unique combinations and are easily customizable, organizations can quickly implement a wireless financial service solution targeted at specific groups of individuals with minimal cost and time to market.

A-1 Financial's application modules are customized to be as unique as each organization's needs are. Front-end interfaces as well as back-end modules can be customized for each client and quickly incorporated into each individual application. And because our systems quickly hook into any legacy data source or transaction system, our development cycles for new applications are completed in a matter of weeks.

Quote Streamer
A-1 Financial offers a portfolio service that can deliver information to the customer and broker in dynamically updated "streaming" or static formats. The service operates using current technology standards to ensure that the clients will always receive their data whether delivered through wireless technology or over a standard Web browser. The application is fully customized to reflect the look and feel of the client, maintaining the brand equity.

Portfolios range from static portfolios to sophisticated real time Level 1 and Level 2 dynamic portfolios that stream trade data, similar to the professional systems costing many thousands of dollars per month per user. A-1 Financial’s portfolio has complete audit and trading capability available through a proprietary trading engine that has been certified for use by Salomon Smith Barney in the United States. Directly from a portfolio, a user may trade stock on any exchange in the world, in any currency, with the transaction cleared by a service provider of the client’s choice.


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